In today’s wired world people have simultaneously become more connected, yet feel more disconnected. People report being lonely and seeking strong social connection at rates higher than ever before. Every time someone is in a room with a lot of people such as a classroom, movie theater, or large office space, they are likely passing by someone who could be one of their closest friends.  The only problem is most people will never know it. Based on cutting edge neuroscience research, Resonance has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) powered technology that helps solve this problem.  With a very minor investment of time you can learn about the people in your community that you are most likely to form strong social connections with.

The people who we get along with tend to see the world similarly to how we do; they share the same sense of humor, values, and understanding of the world. Resonance’s technology assesses the way you see the world and then matches you with people in your specific community who see the world similarly.  Whether this is helping new university students find their next lifelong friend, helping co-workers build better friendships at work, or just helping people discover which of their social media ‘friends’ could be actual friends, Resonance’s technology is here to help.

If you would like to use Resonance technology to build stronger social connections or help others in your community to do the same, please reach out to